Constables Independent Surveyors.

We are happy to be your partner in surveying, creating and maintaining a healthy living or working environment. Call us with your damp & timber, wood worm, Japanese Knotweed and condensation issues.

Being independent damp and timber surveyors we can give you unbiased reports and recommendations to solve your damp or infestation problems.

We work for you, not the mortgage or insurance company, we do not sell damp or wood boring beetle treatments. So our experience and expertise in home surveying can give you direct and honest appraisal and an action plan for moving forward.

Our clients include: Home owners, landlords, property management companies, local government and developers.


Damp & Timber
Condensation Issues
Property Condition Reports
Japanese Knotweed
Snagging Surveys


Independent Damp & Timber Surveys

Working directly for you, our unbiased damp and timber specialist reports give you an honest and accurate appraisal of any wood worm, mold, wood rot or infestation issues. If any current and active rot or infestation is found our survey reports include recommendations to solve or control and problems

Condensation Problems

Condensation monitoring and reports can quickly find the source of your damp and black mold problems. We can carry out condensation surveys for landlords or tenants.

Once the source of black mold is found a comprehensive plan to eradicate can be provided for you or your chosen contractor to carry out.

Pre Purchase Damp & Timber Survey

If you require a damp and timber report for a mortgage or re-mortgage we can assist.

You may feel as an independent damp and timber surveying company we can offer a more realistic and unbiased report when compared to company that carry out damp and timber treatments. We understand we are working for you and your property, not selling non required treatments.

Request a service

Please contact us by phone, email or our on-line contact form.

Whilst it is not possible to diagnose damp, infestation or condensation issues remotley we are happy to talk through our services and benefits.

If you would prefer a free quotation for independent surveys include as much detail in your email or message as possible, including the postcode and house number.

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Property damp has many causes, water leaks, condensation but not always or even often rising damp. But it always has negative effects on your built environment including rot and infestation of wood boring creatures.

Wood Rot

Whether “dry rot” or wet rot all wood rots are caused by damp conditions. We need to find and control the water egress then remove the rot.


Evidence of Woodworm or other wood boring beetle infestation can be devastating to the structure of a building, or the marks and holes may be historic. For your peace of mind we need to diagnose quickly.

Japanese Knotweed

Evidence or suspected presence of Japanese Knotweed can halt a property sale or mortgage, we can survey the site quickly and accurately.


Condensation quickly leads to poor living conditions including black mold, wood rot or even infestation. We look at sources of moisture, ventilation, life style and building materials.

Property Condition Survey

Property condition surveys for pre purchase, landlords or tenants. Damp and timber, condensation and Japanese Knotweed specialists.

Why us?

You have choice in your choice of independent property surveyors.


  • Are experts in Damp & Timber Issues.
  • Have modern monitering and test equipment.
  • Provide fully inclusive quotes.
  • Understand your need for rapid turnaround of reports.

You can rest assured as we are:

  • Qualified
  • Experianced
  • Insured
  • Unbiased
  • Friendly !
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  • Property defects survey

    Wall Fualt

    Quite obvious property defect

  • Property defect Homebuyers report

    Home purchase Problem

    Property defect Homebuyers report

  • New build snagging report

    NewBuild Snagging

    New build snagging report Issues

  • New build defects snagging reports and surveys

    New Build defect

    New build defects snagging reports and surveys

  • Property purchase defects

    Poorly Fitted Kitchen Cabinets

    Home buyers problems. Homebuyers reports and surveys

  • Unsafe house electrics home survey

    Faulty House Electrics

    Unsafe house electrics home survey

  • Flat roof defects survey

    Flat roof defects survey

    Flat roof defects survey. Very poor flashings causing damp.

  • New build snagging issue. Unsafe roof beam cut.

    New build snagging survey

    New build snagging issue. Unsafe roof beam cut.

Where we operate:

Damp and timber survey specialist in London.

Common areas for our specialist reports are in and around Watford, St Albans, Harrow, Luton.

From as far North as Cambridge and Oxford down to Southampton, Portsmouth and Brighton. And from Reading in the West across London to Kent and Essex.

We have been carrying out surveys and reports in pretty much all of the South East, so are experienced in all different property types and damp issues.

See map for more details

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