Condensation on aluminium window

How to solve condensation and black mould.

How To Solve Condensation Leaflet

Click above to download your guide on solving condensation at home.

As the season for condensation is among us I thought it a good time to upload our free guide on solving condensation, print it out for your home or tenants.

There can be many complex issues surrounding damp and mould growth within a property including poor construction and poor maintenance, but there are many things tenants or home-owners can do every day to assist in maintaining a healthy environment.

The advice in the two page condensation guide we have provided stands for all properties and is plain simple good housekeeping to limit condensation and mould growth.

Condensation Do’s

  • Open Windows and turn on vents when bathing and showering.
  • Close bathroom and kitchen doors.
  • Put lids on pans when cooking.
  • Leave space for air to circulate around furniture.
  • Use trickle vents in windows.
  • Turn on kitchen extractor when cooking.
  • Try and maintain a constant temperature.

Condensation Don’ts

  • Dry Clothes indoors.
  • Seal or block air vents.
  • Let the house get too cold at night.
  • Use portable gas bottles for heating or
  • Use un-vented clothes dryers.
  • Have uncovered fish tanks.

If you require more indepth condensation surveys in London and the south east or condensation monitoring please get in touch.

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