Property damp has many causes, water leaks, condensation but not always or even often rising damp. But it always has negative effects on your built environment including rot and infestation of wood boring creatures.

Wood Rot

Whether “dry rot” or wet rot all wood rots are caused by damp conditions. We need to find and control the water egress then remove the rot.


Evidence of Woodworm or other wood boring beetle infestation can be devastating to the structure of a building, or the marks and holes may be historic. For your peace of mind we need to diagnose quickly.

Japanese Knotweed

Evidence or suspected presence of Japanese Knotweed can halt a property sale or mortgage, we can survey the site quickly and accurately.


Condensation quickly leads to poor living conditions including black mold, wood rot or even infestation. We look at sources of moisture, ventilation, life style and building materials.

Property Condition Survey

Property condition surveys for pre purchase, landlords or tenants. Damp and timber, condensation and Japanese Knotweed specialists.

We offer independent damp and timber reports and surveys and advise on steps to counter all these threats to your building.

We work for prospective purchasers when a mortgage survey has requested a specialist independent damp and timber surveyor.

We are employed by landlords, local government, housing associations and tenants to monitor and improve mould, damp and poor quality living conditions.

We do not carry out treatments nor sell any products, we are totally unbiased impartial surveyors working for you and your property.

  • Honest, Impartial and unbiased.
  • Qualified, insured, experienced.
  • Fast turnaround from instruction to report.
  • Damp & Timber Surveys in London
    • Around the M25
    • South East
    • East Midland
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Limited Independent Damp & Timber Report

A basic limited report on a specific area of the property not a full survey.

Fine if you have a small area of damp or suspected wood boring infestation, maybe in your own property.

This reoprt is not really suited for a prospective purchase as it only looks at one area in isolation, and one small area of damp may well be symptomatic of further defects.

We will visit property for up to an hour looking at your area of concern and advise on our interpretation of the situation.

This is followed with a concise email stating what we have seen and advice and recommendations to move forward.

For example recommend a more invasive survey or simply improve ventilation and review in 6 months.

Standard Independent Damp & Timber Survey

Our standard and most common residential damp and timber survey suits those who mortgage company has requested a damp and timber specialist report, possibly during a home-buyers report or pre purchase inspection.

It is non invasive so suits when you may not own the property. We will use our experience to try and find surface signs of hidden problems, but we cannot damage finishes.


  • Site visit

  • Same day oral or emailed short report

  • Followed quickly with full report with plans and photos.

In-depth Independent Damp & Timber Survey

Our more invasive surveys include all the options of our standard survey, but go further into the fabric of the building. Looking for defects, hidden issues and the root cause of any surface damp or infestation.

If this is for a pre-purchase inspection you/we will need the written permission of the property owner.

This may also be when the cause has had misdiagnoses by other damp surveyors, or maybe the property has had multiple damp and timber treatments yet the damp or infestation is reoccurring.

We may be required to take away samples for further lab analysis.

This results in a deeper understanding of the property but may leave small amounts of decorating to be done and results may take longer.

One Bedroom Apartment

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2-3 Bedroom House

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4+ Bedroom Detached

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