Snagging surveyors.


Introduction to new build snagging.


What is Snagging?

When you purchase and move into a new property there will be issues and defects, its just how it is. These property defects are called snags.

Hopefully these snags will be small and not too numerous, but they can be large, hidden and dangerous.

Even the best builders and tradesman make mistakes and new estates are being built at such a rate that some of these snags will slip by the builders own snagging team.

So hopefully before hand over either you or someone your behalf needs to survey the property looking for defects in build, fixture and finishes. Then compile a snagging list and hand over to the builder to hopefully fix.

Some home builders are great at solving these issues; some are not and will need relentless chasing.

This process is called snagging.

Why use a snagging surveyor?

The benefits of using us to carry out this snagging process for you are numerous.

Time. You have more important things to be doing and should be enjoying your move and new home. You want these snags found and dealt with now; it may not be any good finding issues 6 months after moving in. The developers may be off site and more difficult to negotiate with.

Skills and experience. We find snags it is what we do. We know where most of the hidden snags can be. We have the test equipment and process to methodically search your new home. We can compile the report in the correct manner for the builders to easily understand and be more likely to act when presented by a qualified third party.

Independent surveyors. We work for you not the building contractors and wish you to have the home you have paid for and agreed upon. We are aware of NHBC standards and can present faults to your builders impartially and from an informed position.

How does snagging work?

Please contact us for a price on your new home, guide prices below. We send you an invoice and our clear terms and conditions. Once you wish to proceed simply pay the invoice and instruct us.

Once building works are complete, you and we liaise with your builder to gain access to the property as close to handover as possible.  It is a simple process they and we are used to.

We survey the external parts of the new property including any landscaping looking for defects and snags. We test all doors and window operations for function and appearance. Outhouses, gates and garages are not missed with doors windows and construction testes.

Internally we go room by room looking for building defects and snags in plaster and finish, flooring and internal woodwork and ironmongery. Including internal doors and stairs.

Kitchens and bathroom plumbing is tested, heating systems are tested so they provide heat when you first move in. If appliances are provided they are tested to the level allowed in the time available. For example we cannot carry out a full load of washing but we can test the washing machine is plumbed in and operates with power.

Kitchen cabinets, bathroom goods are closely examined for match, installation and damage.

This list is far from complete, and if you have any specific requirements please just let us know.

Photos are taken where required and post-it note type notices may be left on snags within the property as appropriate to aid remedy.

The report is compiled back at base and email to you and, if required, directly to your builders contact. This is aimed to be carried out well within 48 hours.

What snagging does not cover.

Snagging is not a full building survey it is not intrusive and is non destructive in testing.

When should I carry out snagging?

Hopefully we can carry out a snagging survey before but as close to exchange as possible, then you can arrange for snags to be rectified before you exchange. If this is not possible we strongly recommend snagging surveys and reports are carried out before moving day so there can be no discussion as to whether you or your builder has damaged finishes.

One Bedroom Apartment

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2-3 Bedroom House

  • Guide price for full snagging survey and report for 2-3 bedroom house.

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4+ Bedroom Detached

  • Guide price for full snagging survey and report for 4+ bedroom house.

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