Surveying damp wall.

In 2015 our most popular damp and timber survey for home buyers was, by far, our standard damp and timber survey.

This makes a lot of sense for home buyers looking for specialist damp and timber reports as it is non invasive meaning the present home owners are not left with damaged decorations to repair.

But is thorough enough to hopefully root out any and all damp and timber issues present. Full details of our home-buyers damp and timber service below:

Standard Damp & Timber Survey.

Covers reported or suspected residential damp, timber issues such as:

  • Mould
  • Wet rot
  • Pentrating damp
  • “Rising damp”
  • Evidence of wood worm
  • Wood boring beetle infestation
  • Condensation

It is a non invasive survey meaning it does not damage the fabric of the building which needs to be the case for pre purchase inspections if you do not yet own the property. Or if you do not wish to carry out post survey repair or decorating works.

This will be the survey for you if:

  • A previous homebuyers survey or Building survey requests a specialist damp and timber report.
  • Recurring damp and timber issues where previous “treatments” have failed
  • Damp and timber report for a mortgage application
  • Multiple conflicting diagnosis from “free” damp and timber surveys carried out by damp and timber treatment companies.

Standard damp and timber survey includes:


  • Review of surface of accessible parts of building for defaults
  • Visual inspection of accessible flat roofs
  • Visual inspection of water goods
  • Visual inspection of damp course levels for damage or bridging
  • Property air vents
  • Areas of mould, damp or possible points of moisture egress
  • Covers areas within view of 3.4 m ladder and binoculars


Moisture readings of suspect areas.

Inspection of accessible loft spaces

Visible wood work inspection

Noting of areas of ventilation


As a guide, limitations of the standard survey, include but are not limited to: Cannot lift most carpets, laminate or wooden flooring. Cannot view behind wall mounted cupboards. Limited access to sub floor voids. Survey includes areas viewable from 3.4m surveyors ladder and bincoluars.

The standard damp and timber report includes.

  • Plan of site
  • Photos of relevant areas
  • Diagnosis of issue or statement of no issue found.
  • Plan of action to rectify issue and future maintenance.

Speed of survey:

We understand time is of the essence if this is a prepurchase damp and timber home inspection so before instruction we will make you aware of our current schedules. As long as the property owner accommodating we am to carry out pre purchase inspections within 48 hours, with an oral or email notes of findings same day of survey. Followed up with a fully written report within a maximum 48 hours of survey. If you have a need for a quicker or emergency damp and timber survey please make us aware and we will try and accommodate.

Payment must be made at time of instruction or before site visit.

Cost of a specialist damp and timber surveyor is a tiny cost compared to the benefits, contact us any time for a free quote for your prospective purchase.

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